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All payments are with Paypal

Why ‘Pay what you like?’

The poems arrived with me feeling like they needed to be shared so putting a price tag on them didn’t feel appropriate. The poems themselves, as you find them here, are free to share as you like and I've attached a Creative Commons license to them to ensure that they stay freely available for all but commercial use.

I offer the books as gifts, and in the true tradition of gifts, want to allow a way for those receiving the gifts to reciprocate, as they see fit, and in a way that is possible for them right now. Hence, pay what you like. What you offer makes it possible for me to get the books made and to share them in this way.

I don’t know how much to pay – help!

Well, you could think of something that reflects the work of making each set of books: buying the materials – card, paper, paying my friendly local printer to print them up and bind them, wrapping them up in a ribbon, putting the set into a recycled envelope, taking it to my local post office, putting a stamp on it and sending it off on its journey to you.

Or you could come back to thinking of the books as a gift you’re going to receive, and see whether you feel moved to offer a gift in return, something which honours what you have received and the spirit in which it was offered. Whatever feels right for you right now…